The Department of Psycholoy and Cognitive Science  offers different International Mobility Programs with Partner Institutions for study periods and traineeships abroad.

Every year, in October, the International Mobility Office organizes the International Meeting Days dedicated to the exchange opportunities for the students of the Department.

The internationals programs can be found on thia page: International Mobility Programmes

Erasmus for study

The Erasmus Programme allows students to spend a study period in a Partner University of the Department in the European Union or in other Extra EU countries members of the Programme. The Programme allows students to attend lectures or to both attend lectures and do an interniship or a research thesis. For more informaiton see: Erasmus Programme - Partner Institutions, duration, scholarship, how to apply

Erasmus Ranking Department of Psycholoy and Cognitive Science

The evaluation criteria for the ranking lists, as determined in the Call and used by the Departmental Commission to evaluate all applications, are:

  • Level of language knowledge
  • Study or thesis research project
  • GPA of graded exams registered by 31st October 2021.
  • Participation to excellence programmes

Traineeship abroad

The Traineeship abroad Programme of the University of Trento offers the opportunity to carry out an internship in Universities or organizations around the world in:

The Call is open throughout the year, so students can apply to this program every month.

Bilateral Agreements

The programme Bilateral Agreements allows students to attend courses at worldwide Extra EU Universities, who are Partners of the University of Trento according to specific Agreements. This programme allows students to study abroad only.

For more information see: Bilateral Agreements Programme - Partner Universities, duration, scholarship, how to apply

Thesis research abroad

Through the Thesis research abroad Programme students have the opportunity to undertake part of their Thesis research abroad at Host Universities/Research Centre/Companies worldwide, chosen independently by the student.

For more information see: Thesis Research Abroad Programme - Duration, scholarship, how to apply

Mobility Staff  Rovereto: mobility-cs [at]


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