The Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science (DiPSCo) has been recognized as a Department of excellence by the MUR (Ministry of University and Research) for two consecutive five-year periods.

For the period 2018-2022, the DiPSCo, in collaboration with the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC), obtained extra funding of 6,062,025 million euros for a project aimed at strengthening the integration of research in the area of basic and applied psychology and in neuroimaging.

For the five-year period 2023-2027, on the other hand, the DiPSCo obtained extra funding of 5,253,070 million euros to develop a project which envisages the strengthening of research practices, infrastructures and skills in the area of basic and applied psychology, the creation of new courses and teaching initiatives that focus on well-being and inclusion and the promotion of local, national and international outreach activities that aim at creating a culture of well-being and inclusion in the clinical, health, educational and social fields.

To be recognized as a "Department of Excellence", the MUR has expressed a positive evaluation of the departmental development project that was presented by DiPSCo and the excellent score (100/100) attributed to the quality of its research by ANVUR (National Evaluation Agency of the University Research System).

Departments of excellence: UNITN is at the top

The funding to sustain the promotion of Departments of Excellence was created in 2017 (legge n. 232/2016, art. 1, commi 314 - 337). Every five years, starting from 2018, the MUR supports 180 Departments of Italian Universities which excel in the quality of their research and the planning of their scientific and teaching activities with an investment of 271 million euros per year.
Eight Departments at UNITN received the funding for the years 2018-2022 for a total of 55,5 million euros. The funding for the years 2023-2027 amounts to 48,9 million euros for seven UNITN Departments. Further information is available on the UNITN website.