The Department's laboratories are located at Palazzo Fedrigotti and at the Trade Center. They collect neural, physiological and behavioral data. The laboratories are managed by the Departmental Commission whose members are Nicola Chistè, Carlo Cristofoli, Gianluca Esposito, Laura Franchin, Paolo Leoni, Antonio Mattei, Jeroen Vaes, e Nicola De Pisapiai. The Commission has appointed a sientific-activity coordinator for certain labs. The rules and guidelines for using the labs are available in the download box.

The laboratories are:

In accordance with the current regulations, it is obligatory to follow and pass the "Health and Safety Course at Work" proposed by the University of Trento to obtain direct access to the laboratories. (

To book and access the laboratories it is necessary to have an UNITN account and register at the following address:

To access the Observational, Diagnosis and Education Lab, it is necessary to directly contact the coordinator, prof. Paola Venuti.

The Department actively collaborates in managing common labs with the CIMEC EPL Lab. To access these labs, a request form available from the web site must be filled and sent to Massimo Vescovi.

Department researchers are also granted access to the CIMEC laboratories. Access to these facilities follows the rules set by CIMEC.

All experiments are part of research programs abiding by the rules set by the University of Trento Human Research Ethics Committee.