The Laboratory for Communication and Narrative Competence aims at investigating and enhancing communication competences and educational relationships.
Group and individual tasks are used to improve students’ and users’ communication and transversal competences in research and professional contexts, and to teach how to use voice and body language in different types of communication (teacher-centred instruction, debates, role and drama plays, multimedia presentations, video documentaries, or literary video clips).
Narratives are also used as research tools. 

The laboratory comprises a theatre-classroom (equipped with audio-video tools), where it is possible to produce and use multimedia didactic tools, and where users can design and act out their performances, which can be video recorded and analysed. 
The laboratory tasks aim at fostering knowledge and competences on the following topics:

  • communication and narrative competences
  • narrative medicine
  • the narrative research method
  • storytelling
  • autobiographical and life stories
  • the educational relationship
  • body language, voice and setting in communication
  • role and drama plays in education
  • multimedia didactic tools.

Members: Maria Micaela Coppola, Marco Dallari, Silvia Nicoletta Fargion, Dario Fortin, Lucia Rodler.