Research directions

Quality of working life and organizational well-being.

Locally promote the issue of decent work as an instrument to combat exploitation at work, poverty and social equity, developing the model of soft legal regulation and the type of indicators defined by the International Legal Organization (ILO) in relation to the four strategic objectives of:

  1.  employment promotion
  2. reinforcement of social security measures
  3. support for social dialogue and tripartism
  4. respect, support and implementation of the so-called, core labour standard.

On the organizational level, the theme of diversity management, inclusion and the fight against discrimination on the basis of gender, age, religious orientation, ethnicity, sexual preferences will be central.

Quality of the work-life balance.

Specific attention is paid to the need to make time, space and work objectives compatible with the various areas of life (personal, family, social) also in relation to the emergence of new forms of work organization.

The potential role of systems of social protection and social participation will be analysed in this regard.

From the point of view of the interface between working and other spheres of life, it is also important and innovative to study how people manage the complex relationships between different spheres of life.

Internal collaborations

Franco Fraccaroli

External collaborations

Barbara Poggio - Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale 
Riccardo Salomone - Facoltà di Giurisprudenza