The ICT and Cognitive Science Lab  is a joint initiative of the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK - Center for  Information and Communication Technology) and the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science (DiPSCo) at the University of Trento. The main objective of the lab is to facilitate research on:

  • how to apply cognitive psychology approaches and constructs to better design digital technologies, in particular for what concerns aspects related to human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence
  • the use of novel approaches in computer science, specifically those based on machine learning and big data, to innovate education, research and clinical practices in psychology

The lab provides an open and multi-disciplinary context aimed at:

  • fostering original research
  • promoting transfer of knowledge to industries, civil society, and education 
  • training professionals in the fields of human-centric digital technologies

FBK members

Massimo Zancanaro, Michela Ferron, Gianluca Schiavo, Ornella Mich

DiPSCo members

Remo Job, Barbara Treccani, Nicola De Pisapia