CoPInG explores how subjects who - in various capacities - are responsible for caring for and bringing up children represent parenthood and its challenges in contemporary society. 

More specifically it addresses the following questions: 

  • Within the present social and relational context, how do those with responsibility for rearing children construct parenthood, particularly when facing challenging circumstances? What are their ways of facing the challenges connected to their roles? 
  • How do these representations connect to actual social policies related to parenthood? 
  • How does social services’ and social workers’ understanding of parenting relate to parents’ views, particularly when defining their role towards families and children? 

The study of parenting has produced abundant literature, with a growing number of self-proclaimed experts setting standards, giving instructions and identifying mistakes. On the other hand, the voices of those with parenting responsibilities, particularly in challenging conditions, have seldom been systematically explored. This research aims at providing new knowledge on this and on how social policies and professional practices connect to the self-representations of parents. 

The intended outcome of the research is a contribution to more inclusive policies and interventions. 

CoPInG adopts a participatory qualitative strategy and will be carried through the exploration of specific examples of parental challenges identified as meaningful for the issue under study: 

  • Parents living in poverty and precarious economic conditions 
  • Parents with forced migration background 
  • Parents in families LGBTQ* 
  • Parents facing violent conflicts 

Silvia Fargion, of the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science of the University of Trento, is the national coordinator of the research. The project involves even the University of Calabria, the University of Trieste and the Free University of Bozen.

CoPInG is a National Interest Research Project funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Official website: CoPInG