The Department Teachers-Students Committee oversees educational activity functions, assesses the quality of educational activity and services provided to students, identifies indicators for evaluating educational activity results, and provides an opinion on the activation or suppression of study courses.
The Committee delivers an annual report on the educational activity to the Council of the Department.

The Joint Committee is composed of the Head of the Department, three members of the Department, elected every year, and four students elected among the Student Representatives. The Joint Committee remains in office for two years.

The Committee is currently composed of:

  • Paola Venuti
  • Andrea Caria

Master degree in Human Computer Interaction

  • Martina Cvajner 
  • Sara Fazzini

Master degree in Psychology

  • Laura Franchin
  • Arianna Baccan 

Bachelor degree in Interfaces and Communication Technologies 

  • Andrea Caria 
  • Andrea Leone 

Bachelor degree in Science and Methods of Cognitive Psychology

  • Manuela Piazza 
  • Marlen Gironimi