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The Cognitive and Social Sciences Common Labs are mainly used for the collection of behavioural and physiological data and are managed by the Department’s Laboratory Commission.

Laboratories P112, P113, P116, P124, P125, P126 are located on the first floor of Palazzo Fedrigotti (in the so-called depandance), while the laboratory C14 is located on the ground floor of the main building. The laboratory equipment includes many personal computers installed with specialized software to run experiments such as Opensesame, Eprime, Matlab, Psychtoolbox, Inquisit. Laboratory P112 is also equipped with an Eprime response box, with microphone and headphones suitable for recording and presenting acoustic stimuli. In this laboratory, there is also a tDCS.

The laboratories are also equipped with portable instruments that can be used in the Cognitive and Social Sciences Common laboratories, as well as in other department laboratories. With prior authorization, these portable instruments can ever be used outside of the University's facilities. The portable instruments are as follows:

  • Tobii Pro X3: a system for recording eye movements consisting of a bar installed either on a fixed monitor or on a dedicated laptop. Thanks to the ease of calibration and the ability to follow the pupil, even in the presence of the participant’s movements, this tool is particularly useful for recording data on adults, children, infants and various clinical populations. Dr. Laura Franchin is in charge of the instrument. Potential users must contact Laura Franchin to verify whether they have had appropriate training and to obtain authorization for its use both on and off-site.
  • tDCS (transcranial Direct Current Stimulation) an instrument for transcranial direct current stimulation. 

Rules, guidelines and access forms are available in the download box.

Labs access must be booked at the following address: