The Quantitative Psychology Lab (QPSY Lab) is a multipurpose and multiuser laboratory dedicated to the planning and execution of data analysis projects and the development and evaluation of novel statistical, psychometric, and mathematical psychology models.

The QPSY Lab is also devoted to the development and testing of algorithms for statistical and psychometric models as well as for cognitive modeling and Monte Carlo (MC) simulation studies.

The QPSY Lab is located in room C107 (first floor, Palazzo Fedrigotti) and is equipped with two PC units (1 PC with Linux-Ubuntu OS; 1 PC with dual-boot Linux-Ubuntu and Windows) containing software for advanced statistical and mathematical computing (e.g., Matlab, R, SPSS, Julia, Jasp) and scientific editing (LaTeX, TexMaker).

The QPSY Lab is also equipped with a small library presently containing approximately 160 advanced or technical books about statistics and data analysis, psychometrics, and mathematical psychology.

To book and use this laboratory, you need to directly contact the QPSY Lab coordinator at his email adress: luigi.lombardi [at]

Coordinator: Luigi Lombardi